Sayeh Gostar Sarmayeh Investment Co. (Private Joint Stock) was registered under no. 331009 in Company Registration General Office-Tehran on August 10, 2008.

Subject of Activity
Based on article 2 of Articles of Association of the company the main activity of the company is:
  • Capitalization, substantive agreements, joint ventures, purchase, administration, extension, completion and transfer of various factories and manufacturing units in different sectors of economy such as mines, agriculture, services and any other affair related to the subjects above.
  • Providing engineering services, consultancies and any permissible non-pyramidal and non-network marketing in the financial markets
  • Purchasing stock and shares in local national and international financial markets inclusive of various manufacturing, industrial, commercial and service companies through stock market or other methods
  • Financing research projects and administrating such organizations
  • Providing financial consultation for ministries, organizations, administrations, all legal entities and individuals
  • Performing any kind of permissible commercial activity


Since the main goal of any trading organization is maximizing and increasing the profit in whole and stockholders profit specially by; using various methods or defining opportunities in national and international economy, using existing loopholes in the market and establishing stock exchange or non-stock exchange portfolio’s, Sayeh Gostar Sarmayeh Co. management unit has decided to use parts of the cash capital of the company, establish a non-stock exchange portfolio and finance projects and plans which are economically feasible. These financings shall be for the aims of the company and shall consider all policies of the administration.

Goals of the Financing Unit
One of the major aims of financing unit is being active in the following two fields:
  • Field of Providing Capital: Financing in this section is related to the projects that its owners are looking for financial sources for establishing or extending their plans.
  • Field of Financing & Joint Ventures in Businesses:

This section has two fields:
** Financing and joint ventures in normal trades
** Financing and joint ventures in high risk trades